Dr. Laura Caputo

Dr. Laura Caputo

The key role of the family physician is to provide continuous care to individual patients and their family members over the course of the lifetime. The family physician is usually the first health care professional that a patient requiring health care, support, or information will access. The physician will coordinate the patient’s care and help them navigate through the health care system.

Family physicians have expert knowledge about the health care system, health promotion and health maintenance, a wide range of common problems seen by patients in their community and less common life threatening urgent and emergent problems of patients from all age groups. Family physicians are experienced in overseeing the care of patients with complex multi-system problems as well as managing patients with newly identified problems that are vague and not well defined.

Physicians’ approach to health care is based on the best scientific evidence available.

Family Physicians are registered to practice medicine through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

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