Julie Bradford

Julie Bradford

Working within the context of a multidisciplinary team, the Nurse Practitioner (NP) works collaboratively with physicians and allied health care professionals within the Family Health Team and with our community partners. As a vital member of the patient focused team, the NP provides primary care services in conjunction with all health care professionals.

NP provides 5-6 same day/Next day appointments per day for patients of SFHT with access to extended hours on Mondays to ensure timely appropriate access to care.

First Visit with NP
Blood Pressure, heart rate height, weight and physical exam
Review/update Cardiac risk factors and family history, Smoking use, alcohol use, Framingham Risk calculation
Identify and counsel if indicated regarding; exercise, weight loss, alcohol use, diet, sodium and stress.
Refer for smoking cessation if interested in quitting or discussions
Screen and identify patients that would benefit from further nutritional counselling with dietician
Order screening labs if not already done before including: GFR, Cr, Lytes, Fasting BG, Cholesterol Urinalysis and ECG
Arrange and counsel patient regarding home BP monitoring with automatic BP machine (prescribe automatic BP machine or loan out from SFHT)
*Can also check for + counsel on preventive care screening at this appointment for cervical screening, mammogram and colorectal screening.

Subsequent follow up with NP
Modifying health behaviors, until BP at target follow up every 1-2 months (phone or IP)
If prescribed antihypertensive medication- f/u every 1-2 months until readings on 2 consecutive visits are below target. (Phone or IP)
When at target discharged back to family physician or can see yearly through program?

The Breton House
Algoma Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Centre is a recovery home for women in recovery from chemical dependency. The goal of this SFHT program is to ensure consistent and timely access to primary care to address physical and mental health needs of these vulnerable patients to help support and maintain their sobriety and transition back into their home community.

Complete history and physical exam are completed at initial appointment. NP will order diagnostic testing, laboratory testing if indicated provide medical diagnosis, treatment plan, renew prescriptions, complete specialist referrals, offer preventive screening and chronic disease management for the duration of the clients stay at Breton House. We also offer episodic appointments for minor ailments to defer need of walk in clinic and Emergency department.

Children’s Aid Society
Health assessment intake- Complete full history and physical exam when children enter care. The NP orders diagnostic or laboratory testing if indicated, provide prescription renewals, specialist referrals and immunizations if required during this appointment.

Nurses and NPs are registered through the College of Nurses of Ontario.

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