Christina Spadafora

Christina Spadafora

The Executive Director ensures that Superior Family Health Team’s vision, mission and values are achieved. She is responsible for adherence to the Executive Limitations and operational policies and procedures/practices align with governance policies and values.

The Executive Director is the liaison between staff, volunteers and programs of the organization and is accountable for its performance. She exercises all authority conferred by the Board and the law. The Executive Director is accountable for establishing, cultivating and managing positive stakeholder relationships. She is accountable to the Board of Directors, provides leadership to the Board in the discharge of its responsibilities, ensures that the Board is informed and supported in its work.

She ensures compliance with all Ministry of Health regulations and deliverables found in the Annual Operating Plan.She analyzes human resource needs and make organizational changes as required and directs and supervises all employees and volunteers.

She promotes a healthy work environment for staff and physicians, properly administers FHT operations, including the implementation of policy and operating procedures and that Board priorities are reflected in the allocation of resources.

She organizes, directs & supervises all functions of the FHT in compliance with the by-laws, policies and procedure and relevant legislation.

She ensures budgeting is based on generally accepted financial planning practices that balance expenditures against expected revenues and reports financial information in a timely manner and works effectively with the Board in areas of financial management.

Christina Spadafora joined the SFHT in 2010 and in the current role as Executive Director in 2022.

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